IA Summit 2016

Amanda Stockwell

“Confessions of an Ex Unicorn”

Andrea Resmini

“The Ethics of Politics of Information Architecture – Shaping Society Through Structure and Control”

Brad Nunnally

“Practical Techniques for Field Research”

Carolyn Dew

“(Not) Designing for Ourselves: A Case Study from the U.S. Web Design Standards”

Coco Chalfant

“Mission Impossible: Thriving & Succeeding in Long-term, Multi-year Projects”

Colin Eagan

“IA for Personalization: Five Steps Toward Building Thoughtful Targeted Experiences”

Colin MacArthur

“(Not) Designing for Ourselves: A Case Study from the U.S. Web Design Standards”

Cory Doctorow

Friday Evening Keynote address to the Information Architecture Summit on May 6, 2016

Curt Arledge

“User Memory Design: How to Design for Experiences That Stick”

Dan Ramsden

“Mind the Gap – Taxonomies, Tags and Trajectories at the BBC”

David Juhlin

“How Well Can Navigation Research with Different Design Artifacts Predict Final Site Performance?”

David Peter Simon

“The Information Architecture of World Information Architecture Day”

Dorinne Hammons

“Remotely Agile? Effective Interaction with Distributed Agile Teams”

Gail Swanson

“Learning to Share with Powerful Work Presentations”

Giles Colborne

“Information Architecture in the Age of Algorithms”

Gretchen Anderson

“Architecting Apps in Meat Space”

Hannah Grossman

“IA in Agile: You’ll See the Forest Eventually”

Hilary Marsh

“Content Types: The Glue Between Content Strategy, User Experience, and Design”

Jaime Delanghe

“Crafting an Etsy Taxonomy – Classifying the Unique”

James O’Brien

“How to Talk to Clients, Stakeholders and Teams”

Jared Spool

“Design Is A Team Sport”

Jason Alderman

“The Inviting Dark: Thinking About Information Architecture In Physical Space”

Jeffrey Ryan Pass

“Adopting IA Heuristics and Iterative UX Reviews: A USPS.com Case Study”

Jesse James Garrett

“The Seven Sisters” | Closing Plenary Address at the Information Architecture Summit on Sunday, May 8, 2016

Jessica DuVerneay

“Architecture & IA: Expanding the Metaphor”

Joe Sokohl

“The Territory of the Map: Cartography and The Problem of Information”

Jon Manning

“How Do I Game Design?”

Jorge Arango

“Lands, Hubs, and Wienies: Placemaking Lessons From the Magic Kingdom”

Julie Casanave

“Introducing The Lab Notebook: A Tool for Managing a LEAN UX Process”

Kerry Holeman

“Introducing The Lab Notebook: A Tool for Managing a LEAN UX Process”

Kylea Parker

“Architecting for Simplicity and Meaning Amidst Information Chaos (Shopify Reports: A Case Study)”

Lauren Colton

“UX Karma: Designing For The People We Become”

Léonie Watson

“Elementary, My Dear Watson” | Keynote Address at the Information Summit on Saturday, May 7, 2016

Margaret Hanley

“Extending IA Past Taxonomies – A Case Study of Debenhams Retail IA”

Martina Hodges-Schell

“How to Talk to Clients, Stakeholders and Teams”

Matthew Edgar

“Using Data to Inform IA & UX”

Michael Hardy

“#nobodyubersinthehood: Architecting for Inclusion in the Digital Service Economy”

Paige Templeton

“Life and Death UX”

Paris Buttfield-Addison

“How Do I Game Design?”

Peter Merholz

“The 12 Qualities of Effective Design Teams”

Peter Morville

“The Architecture of Teaching and Learning (ATL)”

Rachel Daniel

“Confessions of an Ex Unicorn”

Rebecca Torbochkin

“Information Spaces in Virtual Reality”

Ren Pope

“Ontology Dojo: Learn How to Use Ontology to Define Your Information And Supercharge Your Deliverables”

Robin Weis

“The IA of Introspection”

Shiloh Barnat

“Let’s Get Physical: Scaling UX Strategy for Spatial Interactions”

Stacy Surla

“The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: A Language of Critique for Information Architecture”

Stephen P. Anderson

“Place in Space (AKA “How to Design A Concept Model”)”

Stephen Hopper

“How to Control Your Project’s Developers (Courtesy of a Lead Developer)”

Stuart Maxwell

“People, Not Percentages: Research & Design For Cross-Channel Experiences”

Traci Lepore

“Why Design Isn’t Just Lipstick On A Pig”

Virginia Start

“Architecting for simplicity and meaning amidst information chaos (Shopify reports: a case study)”

Wendy Stengel

“Constructing Meaning Is Bloody Work: Make Everyone a Winner in the Taxonomy Wars”

Lisa Welchman

“A Broader Panorama”: Creating Operational Diversity in the Digital Maker Community | Keynote address at the Information Architecture Summit on Friday, May 6, 2016