Jessica DuVerneay

“Architecture & IA: Expanding the Metaphor”

Session Summary

The metaphor of physical architecture is often used to explain the practice of information architecture. While one could contend the utility of this comparison all together, this talk will instead contend that the metaphor is at best incomplete. Natural and indigenous architectures have welcomed people, facilitated the growth of communities, and hosted commerce for thousands of years in sustainable, culturally appropriate, human-friendly ways. Yet, so many of the examples practitioners reference to explain and strategically guide our work are limited to contemporary approaches. This talk, intended to be a mix of theory and practical suggestions, will:

We will close with an exploration of practical strategic principles from natural and indigenous architecture that can, and should, inform the placemaking we do in digital spaces.

Session Takeaways
Attendees will be invited to explore new metaphors and examples of architectural structures that are inclusive, sustainable, and community centered in ways modernism has not been.

Those unfamiliar with the common archetypical architectures commonly used in the conversation of practitioners will gain exposure to some modernist basics (possibly including but not limited to Lou Kahn, Venturi, Denise Scott Brown, Le Corbusier) as well as exposure to natural and indigenous architecture basics.

Practitioners reliant on modernism in their conversations of information architecture will be challenged to expand their strategic reference material.

Everyone will leave with a few practical ideas to use in their IA work immediately following the session.

Jessica DuVerneay – @jduverneay

Based in Chicago, DuVerneay had the honor of co-chairing the IA Summit in 2015, and was the Executive Director of the inaugural WIAD in 2012. In addition to her work as an information architect, DuVerneay has been a teacher, artist, library manager, and a small business owner; this allows her to connect with and provide top-notch solutions for clients and users with a wide variety of needs and backgrounds.
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