Local SEO 

Traditionally, local businesses have relied on mailing lists and referrals to reach a broader audience. As technology and the number of online resources have grown, many companies have shifted their businesses onto the web to stay competitive.

Although many businesses can exist completely online, service-based companies such as restaurants, contractors, repair services, medical clinics and law firms must still focus on local customers and physical storefronts. To increase exposure and acquire new customers, these businesses turn to local SEO.

What is Local SEO?

Like our other SEO services, local SEO helps drive traffic to your website by improving rankings and visibility with search engines. Local SEO, however, specifically targets users in your surrounding community. In other words, local SEO helps your business reach customers at the same time that they are searching for it.

While every community is different, employing professionally crafted, customized content and listings can drastically increase your company’s visibility in search engine results.

Benefits of Local SEO

Local SEO is more crucial than ever before, as the volume of mobile and local searches continues to increase exponentially. Recent studies have shown:

Given the prevalence of mobile and local searches, every company can benefit from local SEO. By strategically planning keywords and maintaining listings that are consistent and accurate, it is easier for users to find and engage with your business.

When local customers see your company in search results, they are more likely to call you from their mobile devices to ask a question or schedule a consultation. They can also use map information to make a visit to your physical location so they can make a purchase.

No matter how big or small the company, optimizing for local searches will match qualified prospective customers with your services and help strengthen your local presence.

Local SEO in Atlanta

Blueprint’s local SEO specialists can help improve your company’s visibility by developing custom campaigns tailored to your brand and geographic location. Our team will conduct comprehensive research on your business, local search trends and search volume in order to understand completely what consumers in your area are searching for.

We will then optimize your site by enhancing title tags and meta descriptions and creating unique, relevant content that promotes visibility in local search results.

Because most consumers rely on social proof – opinions and experiences from others – while making purchase decisions, maintaining positive online reviews can foster trust and build up your company’s reputation. Our skilled experts will create directory listings and manage consumer reviews to support your local SEO campaign.

To learn more about how you can improve your company’s online exposure and promote your brand in the local community, contact Blueprint for a free local SEO estimate today!