Local Services Marketing

Why You Need It

As a local service business, you have a unique opportunity to steal e-commerce and retail market shares away from the big-box retailer down the street. Technology is continuously changing, and the corporate giants are utilizing their expansive budget to implement every new marketing technology (“martech”) innovation that comes their way.

With bigger budgets, they have a bigger marketing footprint, covering more geographical area than smaller businesses. This broad focus, however, opens the door for successful local marketing.

Effective local company marketing takes time that many smaller companies don’t have. That is where Blueprint comes in. Our focus is to help get you more business, positive reviews, and high search engine rankings in your surrounding area.

What You Bring to the Table


When you greet a customer by name as they walk through the door, it doesn’t go unnoticed.  Your customers want to feel valued and important. The personal touch you provide leaves consumers feeling appreciated, something retailers simply can’t deliver.

Decision-Making Support

With the development of technology, consumers are armed with infinite amounts of information about any service. Businesses today can rarely leverage information the public may not know.

As a local company, you provide support in the buying process. With your localized experience and wisdom, you’re able to guide your customers through the generalized information they found online.

Niche Services

Identifying your target audience is a crucial step in the marketing process. After all, they are the individuals that keep your door swinging and your phone ringing.

Trying to be all things to all people will disrupt your ability provide the products your core customer base desires. Identify what you do best, then market and sell that. Let your other services be supplemental, rather than distracting, to your focus.

The Impact

Taking advantage of what you bring to the table for your customers can have a massive multifaceted impact. Your improved focus will help increase brand awareness and consistency. Resonating geographical pain points will help you reach local prospects.

By targeting a specific, local audience, you’ll increase your speed from product to market. This intention will lead to less wasted money and stagnant cash flow. Additionally, it will help you engage and communicate with the right customers through various digital channels.

The How-To

Local SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helps drive traffic to your site through increased ranking and visibility in search engines. Local SEO focuses on targeting users in the community surrounding your business, helping customers find you while they’re searching. On mobile, a staggering 53% of engine searches have localized intent.

Our team will conduct comprehensive research on your business, local search trends, and keyword search volume to thoroughly identify what your customers are seeking. Then, we develop custom campaigns tailored to your brand and location, resulting in higher rankings on search engines and more business for you.

Social Media: Paid and Organic

Social media advertising takes advantage of the undeniable social media ubiquity among customers all over the world. Having a presence on social media takes advantage of a massive, preexisting group of consumers.

Paid social advertising is the new way to promote your business. Inexpensive and effective, this strategy promotes hand-picked content to drive a broad audience to your website. You can target specific user groups based on demographics, likes, and interests. Plus, with advanced analytics and conversion tracking, you can measure campaign success more accurately to improve future content.

Organic posting is the free content you provide for your fans, followers, and those searching for your services. High-quality, unique content is key, but users can lose interest if every post feels salesy. It is best to utilize a combination of content creation and curation.

Let Blueprint discover and optimize your social marketing strategy. It takes continuous, dedicated time and energy you may not have. We’ll identify the most active and appropriate social channels for your different types of content, which is a crucial step for both paid and organic efforts. Finally, we’ll create the best content for your audience in their favorite channel to ensure that you’re getting the most out of every dollar spent.

Reputation Management

With the consumer’s current access to reviews, companies can live and die by them. Generating positive reviews through various channels is imperative to your business’s success.

Blueprint will ensure that your SEO and social media postings have cohesive, centralized purpose. We’ll optimize all your business’s listings, such as Yelp and Google reviews, striving to enhance your customer’s overall experience. The better their experience, the better your review.