Our Atlanta Video Production Team

If you are looking for a Commercial Video Production Company in Atlanta, then you have come to the right place! Blueprint is Atlanta’s Video Filming Company and we have the expertise you need to create high quality videos that have a well-written script, perfect lighting, great sound, and a sharp visuals. Not all videos are created equal. It’s more important to have the right video on your site than to simply have a video. You need to stand out from the crowd. Your videos are just too important to shoot on a camera phone!

Web analysts agree that having a Commercial Video on your website can accomplish 2 things:
1) HIGHER RANKINGS in the top Search Engines and an 2) INCREASED RATE of Customer Retention. The bottom line couldn’t be more straightforward. If you add a creative, engaging video to your site, your visitors will stay longer, get excited about your message, and convert into greater profits.

Commercial Video Production in Atlanta

Corporate Video Creation plays a central role in online marketing and is essential for your company to stand out from your competitors. At Blueprint, we offer customized video solutions in three main areas:

  • Promotional & Corporate Video
  • Product Showcase
  • Explainer Videos & Demonstrations

In terms of style, we offer:

  • Animation
  • Visual Effects and Motion Graphics
  • Green Screen and Infinite White background
  • Much, much more!

Our team is widely experienced in all aspects of video production, whether you’re looking for a creativeAnimated Explainer Video or an exciting Corporate Event Highlight Video, we’re exactly the company you’re looking for.

In order to properly serve our clients, Blueprint uses the finest Corporate Video EQUIPMENT including industry standard broadcast cameras, full lighting setup, editing hardware & software suite, shure microphones, dolly (for extended pan shots), steadicam, and jib.

We also understand that a script is a crucial element of your video. We employ experienced writers to DEVELOP YOUR SCRIPT in order to achieve the maximum impact on your audience. We go the extra mile in your Video Creation to ensure that your video will set you apart from your competition.

Why Choose Blueprint for Your Video Editing Services?

  1. EXPERIENCE: Our professional background includes experience in broadcast televisionvideo creation, filming, and editing, as well as marketing & communication. That means we have the complete skill set to create, communicate, and convert. Just having a video on your webpage is simply not enough. You need an experienced Atlanta Corporate Video Production team that understands your online marketing goals and can partner with you to achieve them.
  2. AFFORDABILITY: When you choose Blueprint, you’ve added a team member. We’re committed to producing the best product and staying under your production budget. Our pricing structure is affordable and competitive in the Corporate Video Filming industry.
  3. EXPERTISE: We offer a rare service in that we specialize in Web Video Production, web development, and search engine optimization. This means every element of your video – from background colors to the file name – is fully optimized for search engines and potential visitors.