Motion Graphics

Atlanta Motion Graphics Services

From the title sequence of your favorite movie to the animated GIFs you find on your social timelines, motion graphics are everywhere. In fact, you see them so often nowadays that you probably don’t even realize it. But what exactly are motion graphics?

Motion graphics are pieces of digital footage that give the illusion that they are moving. By combining the arts of film, animation, and graphic design, they help bring your story to life. Motion graphics usually feature images, typography, sound, and illustrations, uniting them to create multimedia that attracts and engages your audience.

While motion graphics serve a great purpose in entertainment, many people fail to realize the potential they have in the business world. At Blueprint, we provide motion graphics services in Atlanta to help your business grow its online presence and reach more customers.

Bringing Your Content to Life

As more companies move their business online and user generated content gains popularity, it is harder than ever to create content that stands out above the noise. Online competition is fierce – so how do you boost your exposure?

Whether you use interactive infographics or animated explainer videos, integrating motion graphics can revolutionize your marketing strategy. Motion graphics breathe life into static content and engage users. When your graphics are properly designed and targeted, they draw attention to your company, strengthening brand awareness and recognition. While they attract viewers, high-quality motion graphics can boost your site’s rankings in search engine results and increase its popularity.

When creating content, one of our main goals is to educate viewers, whether it is about your company, your product, or an important issue. Motion graphics support this marketing goal perfectly, as they aid in visual learning and are proven to be more memorable than static content. When your brand is attached to memorable content, you gain authority and improve visibility.

Our Motion Graphics Services

At Blueprint, we’ll help you strengthen your online presence and gain customers by creating stunning motion graphics that will engage your audience. Our expert video team has extensive experience in character design, logo animation, open/close sequences, digital special effects, stop-motion, and more.

Because we are an integrated marketing agency, we have the unique ability to improve every aspect of your content strategy. Whether you want to add voiceovers and 3D animation, optimize your content for mobile and social media platforms, or boost your SEO, our team will deliver results that exceed your expectations.

For more information on our motion graphics services, contact Blueprint today!