Healthcare Marketing

Why You Need It

Whether you’re a small chain of regional practices or a large healthcare conglomerate, navigating the ocean of the internet can prove challenging. Mixing the necessary components of local, personalized content marketing on social media sites with longer, richer content for the search engines can tax even the most diligent marketers. That’s why engaging a healthcare marketing agency to support your marketing strategy and execution is a great idea.

Healthcare companies fight the ongoing battles of service differentiation and market uneasiness. It’s true that a healthcare marketing agency can have little impact on what providers are offered and/or accepted from state to state or practice to practice. However, amplifying the impact of a normally restricted marketing budget is something a good agency can immediately actualize.

By deploying sound research methodology and marketing know-how, driving trackable returns from search, social, and email marketing, that act as a bastion to fortify practice performance, should be at the forefront of any healthcare company’s annual budgetary plan.

What You Bring to The Table

Stories. Lots of stories. You have stories of patients who, because of your practice, have conquered considerable personal turmoil or improved their quality of life. You have the experience of physicians who’ve mastered a practice area while still creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Perhaps you have stories of innovation in skincare or dentistry, chiropractic or dermatology.

These stories need to be told in the digital sphere and positioned in a way that both consumers and search engines alike can find them. All too often, our clients’ personnel have the expertise to create high-quality content, with no means to distribute it. This is where a strong healthcare marketing agency steps in.

What You Need to Do to Make Sure Your Stories Are Told

If these stories are going to hit the mark with your target audience, then you are going to need to invest time and money in these primary marketing initiatives:

Your website will be the first experience that your prospective patients have with your practice.

Hiring an agency to oversee the deployment of a quality, user-friendly, and responsive website is one the best investments a healthcare company can make. If your website experience is less-than-ideal, you will leave money on the table every day. Blueprint works with companies like yours to build and design sleek and conversional websites that make the phone ring and bring new patients in the door.

Once your new website is operational, you will need to consistently invest in the production of quality, custom content. A monthly customer newsletter, weekly social media updates and blogs on frequently asked questions are just a few ways you can satisfy the hunger pangs of prospective customers and search engines. Our team of experienced professionals have handled content marketing for smaller clinics all the way to large hospitals.

Finally, once you have your content matrixed and produced, you need to engage a plan to syndicate that content. Ideally, you’ll want to use organic search and social media marketing, bolstered by local paid marketing on Google and Facebook. All this awareness generation should ultimately funnel your patients into a consistent email marketing model as well.

If this sounds like too much for you to do on your own, then hire the professionals at Blueprint to handle it. We have numerous examples of successful and customized campaigns for healthcare companies of all sizes. Call one of our consultants today at 770.817.9560 so we can determine if we are a good fit for you.