Atlanta Voiceover Service

As smartphone technology continues to advance, it seems like we can do almost anything from our phones. Voice recordings, however, were around long before smartphones exploded in popularity. In a world where everyone has a portable voice recorder in their hand, creating voiceovers for ads or explainer videos should be easy enough that anyone can do it, right?

Well, not exactly. When done right, voiceovers can help clarify confusing topics and strengthen your business’s marketing strategy. But cutting corners in production just results in unprofessional voiceovers with many audio distractions – like white noise or popping sounds.

As an Atlanta voiceover service, Blueprint provides professional-grade voiceovers, custom-tailored to your business’s needs. With extensive background experience and top-notch voice recording equipment, we’ll help develop the perfect voiceover to enhance your videos and raise you company’s online exposure.

Experience to Fit Any Project

From TV commercials and documentaries to the trailer for your favorite movie, we encounter voiceovers in almost every video we watch. Voiceovers are a critical component in your video strategy, and low-quality production can limit your credibility on a subject and decrease your video’s engagement significantly. Partnering with a professional voiceover service is an investment that pays off, as it improves your ROI.

Blueprint’s creative video team has the knowledge and talent to deliver high-quality voiceovers for any media outlet, including radio, web streaming, or TV broadcast. With extensive auto engineering experience, we can produce crisp, clear, and hum-free voiceovers that capture the tone of your product or brand.

Professional Voiceover Services

Whether you need recordings for interviews, talk shows, ads, or demonstration videos, Blueprint has the experience to guide you to success. Using industry-standard equipment such as high-grade condenser microphones with pop-filters, shock mounts, and high-quality XLR cables, we create professional voiceovers to enhance your videos.

We work closely with you throughout every step of the process, so that we can understand the specific needs of your business. From script writing and recording to post-production editing, we’ll ensure that your video accurately shares your message while promoting your brand. With high-end dynamics processing, custom music, and sound effects, your video will be stunning and engaging from start to finish.

In addition to incredible voiceover production, Blueprint provides you with a full array of video and marketing services. Whether you need 3D animation, special effects, and motion graphics, or help promoting your spectacular video, Blueprint is your one-stop solution to all your needs.

For more information on our voiceover services, contact us today!