Our Creative Framework


Blueprint will evaluate the site’s front end and back end efficiency for search. Front end points of analysis include navigation, XML sitemap, robots.txt file, structured data, & more.

In the back end analysis, we determine the efficiency of future optimization such as landing page fulfillment, content creation & implementation, and on page optimization. All technical gaps will be outlined in a detailed Plan of Action to be addressed over the course of our partnership.


The Keyphrase Strategy is foundational to any successful digital marketing strategy. Blueprint will research the words & phrases consumers are using when searching for your products and services. These keyphrases are then strategically categorized into priorities and initiatives to create a clear focus.

With this structure, we can create a clear Plan of Action that targets specific keyphrases that are attainable and will increase authority, rankings, and traffic. The Keyphrase Strategy is most effective when completed in conjunction with a Search Insights Report.


With a completed Keyphrase Strategy, Blueprint can now begin the Search Insights Report to clearly understand the motive behind your customers’ search queries. The report aligns with Google’s categorization of consumer motivations: Do, Know, & Go. Each set of keyphrases are properly categorized so that we can create content that aligns with consumer expectations. This content strategy is added as a core feature in the Plan of Action.


Blueprint will assess multiple competitors of the brand, both in competitors given by the brand, as well as those we find as digital competitors. From there, we will gain insight into the digital strengths and weaknesses of these competitors concerning technical integrity, content development and engagement, and conversion optimization. These points will help to guide the Plan of Action.

Conversion Analysis

To truly measure campaign success, the site must be able to track and measure those user actions that would be considered goals, or conversions, that are key to the company. Depending on the brand’s overall goals and industry, Blueprint will recommend a series of conversion tracking implementation to not only measure success, but also gain deeper understanding into the path of conversion for the brand’s audience.

DIgital Marketing Plan

Using the above audits and reports, Blueprint will create a proposed plan of action for 90 days to guide the client’s digital marketing efforts. This plan will address any technical gaps, new content creation ideas and guidelines, as well as outline goals for agreed-upon success.