Ecommerce Development

When you are running your own business, you are undoubtedly focused on one main goal: selling your products or services to as many people as possible. Achieving this goal, however, ultimately depends on your customers. As quickly as your products entice people into your store, a less-than-ideal shopping experience can push them away.

If potential customers walk into a store to find messy shelves, misplaced merchandise, and long register lines, they will likely leave without buying anything. Online shopping is no different – if users can’t find the product they are looking for or have to navigate through a confusing checkout process, they will exit the page and take their business elsewhere.

Blueprint is dedicated to giving your clients the ultimate online shopping experience. Our team of e-commerce developers in Atlanta builds stunning and professional websites that are custom-tailored to your business’s needs. With abounding experience and creativity, we’ll help increase the efficiency of your online store and boost sales.

Addressing the Unique Needs of E-Commerce

Having a high quality website is important for businesses in any industry to gain exposure and distinguish themselves from the competition. But for e-commerce businesses, it is absolutely critical. Shoddy design and unclear navigation can lessen the appeal of your products and trust in your brand; or it can cause users to question the safety of their payment information, leading to significant decreases in sales.

E-commerce websites are considerably more complex than other types of business sites. Managing product catalogs, user registration, checkout processes, tax calculation, and other features requires powerful organizational structure and functionality.

With a personalized website from Blueprint, you can streamline your online business and give customers the ultimate experience – from shopping to shipping.

E-Commerce Development Services from Blueprint

At Blueprint, we work closely with you to understand the unique needs of your business and develop an effective solution. Through creative design and strategic planning, we’ll help improve your site’s efficiency, drive traffic to every product, increase conversions, and provide an excellent user experience on any device. Our talented developers have experience with several e-commerce platforms.


With WooCommerce, your e-commerce business is integrated seamlessly with your existing WordPress site, making it perfect for businesses that are newly expanding into the e-commerce realm. You can sell your products and manage your portfolio all in one place, with maximum customization and scalability as you grow.


Specifically designed for e-commerce, Magento is a great solution for businesses that manage multiple storefronts, thousands of products, or high traffic volume. The system offers robust features to fit any of your e-commerce needs, including advanced product filters, payment methods, and sales options.

If you are ready to increase revenue by renovating your existing online store or adding a new e-commerce site for your business, contact Blueprint to speak to our skilled developers today.