Responsive Design

Atlanta Responsive Design

Mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops have risen in popularity so much in recent years that they now are used more widely than desktop computers. While these devices offer consumers much more convenience, they often lack in user experience. Because the screen size varies greatly among mobile devices, users must constantly scroll or zoom to view content or click links.

Responsive design solves this problem by planning and developing your website so that its format readjusts to suit the device. In other words, your users can access your outstanding content without forfeiting convenience. Using responsive design can have an incredible impact on your business as it drastically improves user experience and helps drive traffic to your site by boosting search engine rankings.

Responsive Design for User Experience

Your site’s user experience is one of the most important factors in attracting and retaining customers. If users can’t easily navigate your site and access your content, they will leave after only a few seconds. A Google study found that 75 percent of users prefer mobile-friendly sites, and over half said they were frustrated or annoyed when they came across a site that wasn’t designed with mobile in mind1.

Responsive design balances aesthetics and functionality in order to give users a great mobile experience on any device. Pages reformat to fit your screen, so users will never have to resize or scroll on the page in order to view content. Our expert design and development teams simplify your site’s mobile experience by hiding high resolution graphics and reducing popups to increase page speed, as well as adding built-in “Click to Call” buttons and GPS functionality in order to improve customer engagement.

Responsive Design for SEO

Combined with our other SEO services, our responsive designers help to increase your site’s visibility in search engine result pages and bring you customers. As the number of mobile and local searches continues to grow, it is crucial that businesses optimize their sites to be mobile-friendly to attract customers.

Other types of mobile design improve user experience but hurt site rankings. For example, many businesses have a subdomain for the mobile version of their site, which search engines view as duplicate content. Responsive design, however, allows users on any device to access your site using only one URL. This avoids duplicate content penalties and reduces redirects, increasing your company’s online exposure.

Blueprint’s Responsive Design Services

At Blueprint, our talented responsive designers conduct research and follow the latest design trends to revolutionize your site’s mobile presence. We add ease to content management by avoiding subdomains, making it easy for your business to engage customers. Our integrated digital team can then assist further by drafting professionally-written articles and producing spectacular multimedia content to give your customers an unrivaled mobile experience.

To learn more about improving user experience and generating mobile traffic through responsive design, contact Blueprint today for a consultation.