3D Animation

3D Animation

Although 3D animation is still a fairly new challenge in video production, it can be one of the most rewarding tools at your company’s disposal. While many concepts can be explained using 2D graphics, almost anything looks better in three-dimensional space. Using 3D animation in explainer videos, demonstrations, and other projects allows you to capture movement, emotion, and important information in one quick visual summary.

The beauty in 3D animation is that it enables you to break through the boundaries of reality. You can create anything that you can imagine – images that a photo cannot capture and even things that are yet to exist. Whether you need a video that shows the inside of a human eye or particles in outer space, there is virtually no limit to what animation can create.

By providing creative and professional 3D animation services in Atlanta, Blueprint’s highly trained video specialists help bring your projects to life. We work closely with you to create a personalized, high quality product that engages and entertains your audience.

Our 3D Animation Services

At Blueprint, our video production team has the tools and expertise needed to create stunning 3D animation videos that will surely “WOW” your customers. Because every company is unique, we strategically develop a plan to meet your specific needs and support your marketing message. From storyboard to final cut, we work closely with you to deliver a product that will inspire viewers.

Our expert video team combines motion graphics and 3D animation services to develop creative and professional videos that make even the simplest text engaging. No matter what size project, we will give your videos fantastic production value that is sure to draw attention. Plus, we offer a full suite of services – including video editing, voiceovers, special effects, and more – to take your video project above and beyond.

Who Benefits Most from 3D Animation?

With our 3D animation services, your options are endless. We can digitally build almost anything as our services are completely custom-tailored to the needs of your business. If your business falls under one of the categories below, our 3D animation services could be especially beneficial for you.

Medical and Scientific Processes

3D animation is one of the most effective ways to explain technical and medical processes as it helps illustrate topics in a clear and concise form. Because photos are limited in what they can capture, we provide extreme close-up models of body parts which can demonstrate complex scientific procedures quickly and easily.

Architectural and Real Estate

Because 3D animation allows us to create virtual models of things that have yet to be created, architectural companies or realtors can benefit greatly. Detailed 3D perspectives, renderings, and slideshows give you the opportunity to present and close on architectural projects or home remodels before construction even begins.

Product Development

If your company sells a variety of products, 3D animation can be helpful in product design and development. With animation, we can take an ordinary item and make it look sleek or digitally advanced. In addition to emphasizing style, photorealistic renderings and illustrations can be used to enhance product features or show product variations in colors, finishes, angles, or settings.

No matter the industry, 3D animation gives businesses a creative way to attract and engage customers. If you are interested in using spectacular three-dimensional videos to support your marketing strategy, contact Blueprint today!