Facebook Advertising

In the early 2000s, social networking sites were just beginning to appear on our radar, with limited options and small user bases. As social media usage grew exponentially, it rapidly became an integral part of society. Most people know that Facebook revolutionized social media as we know it today; but when Facebook released its first ad option in May 2005, no one could have predicted the impact it would have on online advertising.

Today, businesses and marketers are turning to Facebook advertising to reach untapped markets and gain customers. It is the largest social platform in the world and has a broader reach than any other. According to Facebook, the social network now has more than 1.4 billion registered users, and more than 900 million active users visit the site each day.

With the help of an Atlanta Facebook advertising company, you can promote your business and reach new customers. By creating high-quality ad content that is targeted to your audience, Blueprint helps raise brand awareness and generate leads.

Facebook Ads Customized for Your Business

Facebook ads are extremely beneficial when it comes to promoting your business, as they are easily customizable to suit your specific marketing needs. Whether you sell products nationwide or provide local legal services, Facebook advertising is an inexpensive way to reach a wider audience and build your client base.

When first introduced, many users expressed resistance to advertisements on social networking sites. However, Facebook’s use of native ads allows you to promote your business without sacrificing user experience. As a result, advertising on the platform has proven to be unobtrusive and very effective.

Meet Goals and Stay Within Budget

Advertising on Facebook gives businesses the ability to specify a variety of marketing objectives, custom-tailored to each campaign and your budget. You determine the ad schedule and your maximum ad spend, depending on the desired reach.

Whether you want to drive traffic to your website, generate leads, reach local users near your business, or boost attendance for an upcoming event, Facebook ads make sure your products and services are seen by the right people at the right time – in an affordable way.

Understand and Target Customer Motivations

With Facebook advertising, you gain access to built-in tracking and analytics tools so that you can better understand the needs of current and potential customers. Facebook ads also let you choose your audience based on demographics, interests, and behaviors. Conversion tracking tools also allow you to measure your success and gain deeper insight for future campaigns.

Why Your Business Needs an Atlanta Facebook Advertising Company

Although Facebook’s advertising services are easy and convenient, it takes more than sophisticated tools to create a successful ad campaign. Blueprint’s expert social media team works closely with your company’s marketing department to analyze your current advertising strategy and develop a personalized social media solution. From planning messages and objectives to designing high-quality ad content, we’ll help you raise awareness, engage potential customers, and generate leads.

To learn how Facebook advertising can benefit your business, contact Blueprint today and speak to a member of our Facebook advertising team.