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Branding and Identity Have Changed

In years’ past, branding and identity were refined to a company name, logo, and a tagline. Today, Atlanta logo designers and marketers have been charged with a more complex definition.  From social media comments to Yelp reviews, there are so many opportunities to tarnish a company’s brand and identity.

Think of brand and identity as the perception that comes to mind when consumers hear the organization’s name. It’s a mental image of what a company represents. As consumer behaviors and expectations change, so does the definition.  One thing that won’t change is the impact it has on your success.

The Importance of Branding

Strategic branding is twofold: it differentiates you from competitors, then positions you as the leader in the space.

Successful branding starts with knowing your customers’ pain points. The deeper your understanding, the more effective your messaging. Knowing their challenges informs how you’ll convince them to choose you. In turn, your branding is an expression of this persuasion strategy. Investigating, outlining, and crafting your brand is invaluable in today’s crowded digital marketing world.

Your brand’s influence doesn’t just happen before the transaction. Its impact extends throughout the customers’ lifetime with the product. It has the power to validate or discourage a consumer, even after purchase. With just the click of a button, you can lose customer loyalty if your brand doesn’t meet their expectations.

At Blueprint, we strive to deliver a unique approach to impactful branding. Our team includes graphic designers, developers, and digital marketing professionals. We’ll collaborate with you to build a brand that’s unique to your company and target audience.

How to Evaluate Your Brand

Whether you’re an established company or a startup, it’s likely that your brand has some gaps. Identifying opportunities secures your company’s future success.

Here are the branding questions your Blueprint team will ask to better understand its current state:

By answering these simple questions, Blueprint will have a better understanding of the company’s landscape and goals. From there, we’ll create a strategic plan of action so we can get your company positioned exactly how you desire.

Logo Design and Identity

Instant brand recognition is founded in the company’s logo. Some organizations are willing to spend whatever it takes to have a legendary logo because they know the weight it carries.

A logo serves as the face of the company as a representation of its identity. In addition, it is the anchor for a company’s brand colors, designs, and fonts. Blueprint can help you deliver a cohesive identity by designing an exclusive logo and its accompanying marketing materials.

The Impact of a Creative Logo

A thoughtful, creative company emblem contributes to your business’s success. Appearing on stationery, business cards, websites, and social media, a powerful logo can make or break a conversion.

Think of the contrary: an amateur-looking logo can quickly turn off prospects. It can cast your organization in a poor light if your competitors are investing in high-quality creative services. On the other hand, if your competitors have a mediocre logo while you proudly market your sophisticated one, consumers will notice.

Tying It All Together

Your investment in a well-designed logo exudes professionalism that your prospects are expecting. However, even the most original logo is ineffective if its surrounded with conflicting, sloppy design elements.

Incorporating fonts, colors, and graphics that are consistent with your logo ensures your brand and identity go hand in hand. The more unified your company appears, the deeper the trust you can expect from your prospects.

If you are interested in improving your brand awareness with current and potential customers, call Blueprint today for a free consultation on logo design and branding.