Branding & Identity

Atlanta Logo Design

When you think of a well-known company, what is the first image that pops into your head? Chances are, the first image you thought of was the business’s logo. That is because a logo is the gateway to a brand.

Logos serve as a brand’s symbol of authority, securing credibility for the company while increasing brand recall and association in the minds of consumers.

Blueprint’s skilled logo designers create impactful, memorable brands by producing stunning logos that clearly convey your business’s identity and unique selling proposition in order to entice customers. We create logos for use on individual products, corporate marketing materials and websites that promote your brand.

Logo Design and Branding

Because your logo helps customers form their first impressions of your company, it is extremely important that the logo accurately and positively reinforces your brand’s identity.

Before designing your logo, our specialists listen to you as you share your business’s mission and goals to ensure that your messaging is consistent across all digital channels. Through strategic design that reflects your brand’s unique value as well as its ethical standards, we help form a coherent visual identity that is sure to stick in consumers’ minds.

Every aspect of your logo’s design will elicit an emotional response in your audience. By carefully selecting brand colors that complement each other and support your brand’s visual identity, our logo design experts can excite your audience, convey ideas of integrity or optimism, and build up your business’s credibility.

We choose readable typography that fosters trust and makes your brand more memorable across traditional and digital media platforms. This is especially important as more consumers initially come into contact with your brand through mobile devices.

Blueprint’s Logo Design Services

At Blueprint, our talented logo designers create custom logos that are universal but specific to your products and services. Through strategic planning and design, we will help you ensure that your company’s branding is consistent across all digital channels in order to better inspire and persuade your target audience. Our spectacular, original designs will help increase your brand association and exposure in order to attract customers.

Blueprint offers a unique, integrated approach to branding that others do not. Our incredible team consists of graphic designers, developers, and digital marketing professionals in order to fully exceed all of your expectations.

By creating newsletters and infographics, stunning web design and engaging social media content, we help you develop a cohesive visual identity and build a client base.

If you are interested in improving your brand awareness with current and potential customers, call Blueprint today for a free consultation on logo design and branding.