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If you are looking to increase conversions and increase exposure of your brand, pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements can be an excellent investment. These ads allow you to concentrate fully on your target audience by showcasing your company on the front page of your potential customer’s search engine inquiry.

PPC uses carefully researched keywords to boost your site traffic, attracting new clients and maximizing profits. These key terms focus in on your specific audience, pushing your ad to the most likely consumer to purchase your product or service.

At Blueprint, our quality PPC services put your site in the spotlight it deserves. We stringently follow best practices for PPC so that you can reap the benefits from top-notch strategies designed to entice consumers and strengthen your brand.

Our policy is to build a partnership with our clients, so we work with you to create custom campaigns through open and consistent communication. We’re so confident in our industry-leading team of experts that we don’t bind you to a set contract. At Blueprint, we want you to see results, not attempts.

What Is PPC?


When browsing Google or Bing, you may have noticed “Sponsored Ads” lining the top, bottom or side of your search page. These ads might pertain to the term you’ve searched for or to a product you previously investigated purchasing, and are prime examples of a well-done PPC campaign.

PPC ads are a search engine’s version of commercials during a television program. Companies traditionally choose specific ads based on the genre of show, time of day or type of network the commercials are airing during.

PPC campaigns act in the same fashion, specifically targeting the keywords a user is searching. For example, if a user searched for a flower delivery service in the past, he or she might see ads for long-stem red roses along the side even a few days later when he or she is searching for the latest scores of a local sports team.

The nuts and bolts of designing a PPC campaign as well as how your specific cost per click is determined is broken down into two major components: quality score and bidding.

What Is Quality Score?

A quality score is essentially how your page is ranked by a search engine in terms of your keywords and PPC quality. Scaled from one to ten, with ten being the best, several factors play into this ranking, though only the search engines know how the specific score is calculated.

The main factor in determining your number is your bounce-rate or how long visitors stay on your site and engage in the content. If they visit your site, but immediately leave, your quality score will be low because of a lack of participation.

However, you will earn a higher score when web users find your website and take the time to read landing pages, browse the site or fill out any contact information. This score compelling content will not just attract new viewers, but will keep them on the page longer.

Returning to our example of buying flowers, a user is less likely to stick around a florist’s website if the pages feature grainy photos of the arrangements or do not list specific details on the delivery costs. Alternately, a website that features high-quality pictures of the best arrangements paired with informative and engaging content, the user will stay and possibly purchase a bouquet for someone special.

PPC Services In Atlanta GA | BlueprintSince content plays such a high factor in visitor retention, a great PPC campaign needs more than a snappy slogan on the side of a search page. After all, the ad does lead to your website, which needs to engage the user to be able to close the sale.

Our team at Blueprint can pair your campaign with SEO best practices to help you earn and maintain a high quality score. Simply put, the better your SEO, the less you have to spend on PPC.

What Is Bidding?

Though your quality score can lower the price of your PPC campaign, search providers like Google, Bing and Yahoo! also typically use a bidding system to determine which ads are to be featured in coveted spaces on the first page of a web search.

Like in an auction, sites compete for the top ranking through bids. The website with the highest bid and the top quality score will be rewarded with the best exposure on the page.

For example, if two flower shops are competing for a top spot on the search for “Atlanta florists,” one website might bid lower than another. However, if the site with the lower bid has quality score of 7, they will likely receive a better space than their opponent, if the opposing site has a lower ranking of 2.

Why You Need Both

As with the florists, a high quality score will often beat a higher bid. If you place a more expensive offer, but the page doesn’t perform well, you might not win the top ranking.

However, if your site has a good history, your bid can decrease, providing you with a more affordable and more effective PPC campaign. This is why Blueprint works so hard to ensure not only that you are executing the highest quality PPC ads, but that your website follows SEO best practices, exponentially increasing your conversion.

Why Your Business Needs PPC

A well-crafted PPC campaign can do more than just put your name out there. These targeted ads coupled with quality SEO strategies can grow the size of your customer base, increase your sales and even push your site up in web rankings.

Fast Reach

A robust PPC campaign can give you immediate sales results unlike anything you’ve seen before. You will be reaching out to a new host of potential consumer, with your listing showing whenever a user searches for a particular keyword.

With the immediacy of the internet on your side, you can start a campaign in the morning only to receive inquiries from new clients by lunch. This increase in incoming leads offers your company the ability to achieve a higher volume of sales for your company.

Targeted Audience

When crafting a PPC campaign, quality is better than quantity. While racking lots of clicks might seem like it should be your goal, your cost may outweigh your gain if the new influx of visitors aren’t interested in your product.

Instead, the key to PPC success is reaching new customers that are in the market for your product or service, by personalizing your ads and making your campaign worth the price. Our experts will design a campaign dedicated to investing in several targeted keywords that appeal to a specific audience, drawing visitors to your site that are more likely to be converted to customers.

A PPC campaign for one of our florists might be tempted to follow terms such as “flower” or “florist” to attract a greater range of viewers, but these users may not match the correct audience for your page. We would instead do the research to learn that their audience is looking for roses and focus the campaign to feature terms like “red” and “long-stemmed” to direct a reader to the page.

Why Your Business Needs Blueprint

We hear from companies daily who want real results from PPC advertising and are confused as to why past campaigns haven’t performed. They’ve become discouraged, with no ROI and no reports to justify the money they’ve already spent.

We at Blueprint believe that there is a simple solution – rather than a blanket focus on your industry, a custom crafted plan will always outperform an under managed template approach. We offer fully customized strategy structures and comprehensive call tracking with no contracts, all while following best-in-class PPC standards and practices so you get quality reach that not only attracts visitors, but potential customers.

Personalized Plan with No Contract

When maintaining a profitable PPC campaign, we run an organized strategy to increase your brand and exposure. We will set you up with one of our expert account managers, who will outline the possibilities that PPC has to offer.

Along with this specific plan, we make sure to establish clear communication with your company. We feel that regular updates are vital to your campaign’s success, and will talk through your advertising strategy to affirm that all of your goals are being met. You deserve to know every aspect of your marketing plan, from expectations to results, to ensure that you are getting quality service.

In addition to putting together a quality strategy, we don’t require you to sign a contract. We know our campaigns will perform and give you a spectacular return on investment, so we don’t feel the need to demand a contract.

But, as with all that we do, we would rather show you why we’re the best, not just tell you!

Flexible Options

Not only are you able to target a specific audience with PPC, you can also use these campaigns to highlight time-sensitive specials. From holidays specials to one-day sales, we can help you draw in your customers to your deal of the day.

We offer the flexibility to change your PPC campaign at any time. You have the option to only show your ad during peak browsing hours, or keep it running all day long. If a particular keyword is weighing your strategy down and costing you money, you can drop it and opt for a more profitable term, all without any additional fee.

Custom PPC Structure

While search engines such as Google offer tools to build PPC campaigns in a matter of minutes, the inherent problem with this “quick build” method is the volume of unwanted keywords that are included, diverting your attention to unmotivated visitors while driving up your costs.

For example, our florist friend might bid on the following keywords:

  • Local florist
  • Atlanta flower company
  • Flowers for funerals

However, these keywords are vague and the florist could end up spending money when users were searching unrelated terms, such as:

  • Pictures of local flowers
  • Local florist burns down
  • Rose of Sharon, song for funeral
  • Cost of flowers at a funeral
  • What kind of flowers are at a celebrity’s funeral

We combat these false positives by using carefully crafted keyword sets alongside an extensive list of negative keywords, giving you a targeted audience full of motivated buyers.

However, a most flawless keyphrase strategy is only part of the equation. Your ad copy and landing page are just as crucial to increasing conversion rates, but other PPC agencies offer packages that feature only a few ads and one or two landing pages.

With an Blueprint PPC campaign, we build out custom landing pages for your individual services and products by the hundreds. Within each ad group, we write a minimum of three unique ads and then split test each batch on a regular basis to ensure maximum performance.

Clear and Concise Ads

Your page’s goal isn’t to bring in any random visitor, but rather relevant customers. Our expert content writers create copy that details your product or service so it attracts users that are interested in what you have to offer, showing your audience that you are a trusted service and eschewing unnecessary excessive clicks that will only cost you money over time.

Call Tracking

In order to assist with tracking and reporting your long-term ROI, we offer call tracking as an add-on service. Call tracking allows you to keep records of your phone calls, especially those that come from PPC and SEO campaigns. This also gives you a greater scope to gauge the success of a particular strategy, so you can request changes if necessary.


We track information, from clicks to customer behavior, that help your PPC plan of action over time to keep a record of your ROI in order to maintain a successful strategy. While reporting might seem like a common addition to a PPC campaign, most agencies don’t give you the same level of data we do.

We provide true metrics to measure campaign performance, rather than vanity metrics that align with your company’s goals so that you get the clearest picture of your current campaign.

PPC and Mobile

PPC-and-Mobile-Optimization-Eclipse-Web-Media As of 2013, Google began to require all AdWords accounts to have “Enhanced Campaigns,” which causes an ad to point to both desktop and mobile devices. This means that if your site is not compatible for mobile viewing, the success of your PPC campaigns could be affected dramatically.

Our in-house experts can help you determine what your current situation with your mobile website is and help you determine the best course of action. Talk with our specialists today to find the solution for you!

More Than Just Google

While Google is the most popular search engine controlling 68% of the world’s online search, this search provider doesn’t corner the market on PPC. We ensure that your site appeals to users of different providers, such as Bing and Yahoo!, running a successful PPC strategy on on all searches to reach the widest amount of users.

Quality Team

Our PPC team is dedicated to your success. All members are Adwords certified, which means you are working with experts in the field. Along with open communication and monthly reporting, you will be well-informed of your campaign’s progress while receiving the support and attention you deserve.

Let Blueprint Handle Your PPC Needs

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