Display Network

If you spend any time online at all, chances are you’ve seen display advertisements before. They line the sides of webpages while you read your favorite blogs, check your e-mail, or shop online. Whether they appear as text, image, video, or interactive ads, they infiltrate the online space and influence your purchasing decisions.

When done right, display advertising offers businesses an incredible opportunity to increase brand awareness by placing ad content in front of the right people at the right time.

As an Atlanta Google display agency, Blueprint helps you leverage professional display ads to increase online visibility, attract customers, and grow your business.

What is the Display Network?

According to Google, the Google Display Network is the world’s largest display network, utilizing more than 2 million sites to reach over 90 percent of internet users. By placing targeted ad content on websites that are relevant to what you are promoting, you can reach a wider audience and improve brand recognition.

Display advertising is more passive than using the search network, as users aren’t actively searching for your business. Instead, display ads capture your target audience’s attention earlier in the buying cycle while users go about their daily online activities. With more opportunities for your ad to be displayed, you gain more impressions and more exposure.

Reach Your Target Audience   

A successful display campaign begins with analyzing your company’s current marketing strategy and deciding which users you want to specifically attract. Once you have a defined target audience, you can use the Google Display Network to strategically position your content on pages those users will see.

Google’s sophisticated targeting options allow you to serve ads to users based on contextual and behavioral indicators. If you already know what kind of sites your customers visit, you can choose specific sites to be featured on. Otherwise, you can select your audience based on geographic information, demographics, topics and interests, as well as user behavior.

Why Blueprint? 

Blueprint works closely with you to provide personalized solutions for all of your digital needs. From planning message strategy to selecting the right webpages for your target audience, our talented paid advertising team creates effective display advertisements to boost brand awareness and drive interested consumers to your site.

Implementing search campaigns to complement display advertising can maximize your company’s ROI. Because Blueprint takes an integrated approach to digital marketing, we have the unique ability to revolutionize your online presence from all aspects. Whether you want to step up your social media game or boost your site’s search engine rankings, our team has the diverse skillset to meet any challenge.

If you’re interested in using display advertising to improve brand awareness and gain customers, contact Blueprint today!