Twitter Advertising

Twitter Advertising

Barely a decade after its invention, Twitter has evolved far past the simple microblogging site it started as. By now the social network has grown into a massive worldwide information system, serving as a source for both news and entertainment.

Companies everywhere are beginning to discover the benefits of advertising a business on Twitter. According to Twitter, the platform has more than 316 million monthly active users, and 49% of them follow brands and companies. Combined with the influence from high-profile accounts like those of celebrities, politicians, and athletes, Twitter supplies the perfect environment to build brand awareness, renew thought leadership, and drive traffic to your site.

As an Atlanta Twitter advertising company, Blueprint is dedicated to helping you grow your business through social networking.  We’ll enhance your social media presence with professionally crafted Twitter advertisements to increase your online exposure and generate qualified leads.

Twitter Advertisements to Meet Any Objective

Utilizing Twitter for advertising can be advantageous for businesses in any industry. Whether you run a small clothing boutique or a family law firm, investing in promoted tweets and trends can help you stand out above your competition and the rest of the noise online.

Twitter’s segmentation tools allow you to specifically target your audience based on location, gender, interests, behaviors, and search keyphrases, then place your content at the top of users’ timelines. Because you pay per engagement, Twitter advertising helps your reach the right people at the right time, without breaking your budget.

Conversion tracking tools let you analyze the performance of your ads as well as organic tweets, providing valuable insight to improve future campaigns. You can then create professional campaigns that are custom-tailored to meet any business objective, including:

Raise Awareness

Twitter’s reputation as a viable news source makes it extremely beneficial in generating awareness about a brand or issue. Promoted trends can encourage discussion about your business and create buzz for events, while promoted tweets expand the reach of compelling content.

Expand your Audience

If you want to reach more users or build a client base, advertising on Twitter is for you. Choose the audience you want to target and strategically place your content on their feeds. With increased visibility, you will gain followers, engage with your audience, and generate leads.

Drive Web Traffic

Promoting high-quality content on Twitter is incredibly useful in boosting traffic to your site, leading to conversions and sales. Sophisticated Twitter cards help link viewers to your site and auto-fill contact forms, helping you capture leads effortlessly.

Atlanta Twitter Advertising Company

At Blueprint, we help you leverage your social media profiles to develop your business. We work closely with you to understand the specific needs of your company, analyze your current Twitter strategy, and deliver a personalized solution that drives real results. We provide high-quality ad content, from writing copy to integrating stunning images or videos.

If you’re ready to grow your business using Twitter advertising, contact Blueprint today and speak to our expert social media team!