Publishing high quality digital content combined with online advertising and social media promotion is extremely beneficial in attracting new customers to your business. However, it is harder than ever to capture and maintain users’ attention. As a result, businesses are beginning to broaden their marketing strategies in search of new ways to drive traffic to their websites.

As an Atlanta remarketing company, Blueprint uses search and display advertisements to target past visitors and encourage their return to your site. By engaging with these users again, we’ll help improve brand awareness, complete conversions, and increase your ROI.

What is Remarketing? 

While you go about your daily online activities, you likely encounter remarketing frequently, even if you may not realize it. For example, perhaps you’ve been shopping around online for a new snowboard. You found one you like, but you never actually bought it.

Suddenly as you surf other webpages, you begin to see ads for that snowboarding equipment company everywhere, reminding you of the board you liked, matching goggles, or other related products.

That is remarketing.

Because it employs users’ web history, remarketing allows you to reach those who have already expressed interest in your business and are therefore readier to make a purchase. By strategically serving advertisements on webpages or mobile apps they typically visit, you remind them of your product or service and make it easier for them to come back to your website. This provides your business with another opportunity to gain conversions and customers.

Why Your Business Should Try Remarketing

Implementing a remarketing campaign can be incredibly beneficial in meeting a number of business objectives. Because your ads are seen more often, you gain more impressions and increase your business’s exposure, which ultimately leads to greater brand awareness and loyalty. When users revisit your site, they are more likely to subscribe to email lists, submit contact forms, and complete other forms of conversion.

With powerful segmentation options, remarketing campaigns can be targeted based on location, demographics, search keyphrases, or behaviors so that you can reach the right customers at the right time. You can upsell customers who have made previous purchases, or you can select users who viewed a particular page or product and position reminder ads to drive sales activity.

Because you pay per click or impression, remarketing is less expensive than other forms of advertising. You set your budget, so you can promote your brand and generate sales in an affordable way.

Remarketing Services from Blueprint

Blueprint’s expert paid advertising team is dedicated to building professional remarketing campaigns that deliver real results. We work closely with you to analyze your current strategy, understand the unique needs of your business, and develop an effective solution.

From identifying your target audience and selecting relevant sites to crafting high-quality creative ad content, we’re with you every step of the way.

To learn more about how remarketing can help increase exposure and develop your business, contact Blueprint today.