Lauren Colton

“UX Karma: Designing For The People We Become”

Session Summary

It’s our responsibility—as IAs in the Information Age—to build interfaces that account for how people change over time, and (bonus) you can earn good UX karma by designing for that flexibility. It takes self awareness, and the understanding that abilities and preferences change just as rapidly as technology. Improving UX for the edge-case users helps the larger user base, but you can lead your team to make good UX karma part of the process. We’ll live in the world we create, so why let Future You say you’re a jerk?

Lauren Colton – @LaurenTGC

Lauren Colton helps people understand and engage through digital environments. Because she is fascinated with people, Lauren collects their stories and studies their actions. At Gravity Works, she helps clients balance internal strategy with the needs and barriers of target audiences. Lauren is an expert at cuddling puppies, as well as a published author who speaks about creating precise, actionable interfaces.

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