Matthew Edgar

“Using Data to Inform IA & UX”

Session Summary

Data about users is all around us and, more and more, we’re being asked to utilize that data when architecting information, designing experiences, and creating content. But, what is the right way to utilize all the data we have to understand our users? Where are the best (and easiest) ways to access the data you need and how much data do you really need anyway? More importantly, how do you communicate all those numbers to your boss, clients, funders, and other stakeholders in a way that makes sense and clearly shows the value of your IA and UX work?

In this presentation, Matthew Edgar from Elementive Marketing Solutions will discuss specific, actionable steps you can use to make the wide variety of data you have available about your users a key part of your information architecture and user experience work. Matthew will also share advice on how best to communicate and utilize those measurements and results.

Matthew Edgar – @MatthewEdgarCO

Matthew Edgar is a technical marketing analyst at Elementive Marketing Solutions ( Matthew has worked in the web marketing field since the late ’90s as a developer, consultant, and data analyst. Since 2001, he has helped hundreds of companies of all sizes make their websites, mobile apps, and online presences easier to access, use, and understand resulting in more traffic, more sales, and significant business growth. You can connect with Matthew on Twitter @MatthewEdgarCO.

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