Jeffrey Ryan Pass

“Adopting IA Heuristics and Iterative UX Reviews: A Case Study”

Session Summary

This session explores the adoption of a set of UX heuristics for and how they came to form the backbone for iterative IA/UX audits of the domain including any number of sites, micro-sites, sub-domains, tools, and applications. It explores the selection of a UX heuristic set – we settled on a customized version of Abby Covert’s IA Heuristics for Interaction Designers (2011) – and the design and implementation of a repeatable IA/UX audit process. Together, these form the backbone of of the continuous improvement strategy that has significantly improved domain usability as well as communication and cooperation with USPS stakeholders, business drivers, and the agency of record.

Jeffrey Ryan Pass – @jeffpass

Jeffrey Ryan Pass is an ape-descended life-form with more than 18 years of experience as an information architect and user experience professional with the majority of his projects focused on designing highly-usable Websites and other digital experiences for the Federal Government (supporting more than 20 agencies and organizations).

The past few years Jeff has been focused on developing strategic approaches to improving usability and implementing continuous improvement life cycles for major clients and their digital domains (including and He is currently the UX Lead on the team.

Jeff is actively involved in the broader user experience community. He is co-lead of the UX Community of Practice at Aquilent (his employer) and was one of the local organizers of World IA Day DC 2016.

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