Dorinne Hammons

“Remotely Agile? Effective Interaction with Distributed Agile Teams”

Session Summary

Love it or hate it, Agile methodologies are all over the development world, and UX Designers and Information Architects are integrating into Agile development teams. Agile’s focus on face-to-face communication can increase collaboration between IA’s, UX, and developers, which can be great! But how can you make that collaboration work effectively when everyone isn’t in the same room – or even the same country? Can it work for co-located teams? What about teams with flexible work-from-home policies? Or teams with one remote contractor? What if YOU are the only remote team member?

Come hear lessons learned from 10 years of working as a UX Designer with different types of distributed teams, and learn about some tools and techniques to use to make interaction easier when some (or all!) of your team is remote.

Session Takeaways
Attendees should gain an understanding of some of the general challenges of different types of distributed Agile teams, as well as challenges specific to IA/UX designers on those teams, and should come away with concrete methods for overcoming those challenges to foster effective communication and collaboration. The session should be relevant to attendees that manage Agile teams, as well as attendees that contribute to Agile teams.

Dorinne Hammons – @DorinneUX

Dorinne Hammons is currently a Senior User Experience Designer for Kelsey-Seybold Clinics, where she coordinates and manages design work for all of their internal and external web applications. Prior to that she spent more than nine years as a User Experience Designer with Halliburton, designing both web and desktop applications. She has a M.S. in Computer Science from Mississippi State University, and is passionate about helping teams develop user-centered applications.

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