Stephen Hopper

“How to Control Your Project’s Developers (Courtesy of a Lead Developer)”

Session Summary

Effectively working with developers can be difficult; you’re just advocating for the user, and you feel like you’re told “no” all the time. Listen in as Stephen, a lead developer, betrays his fellow developers and reveals the secrets that developers keep to themselves. Stephen will teach you how to approach a project diplomatically and develop a great relationship with development while still get everything you (and your users) have ever wanted.

Stephen Hopper

Stephen Hopper is a lead software developer who loves solving problems. His favorite projects are the ones that start with the client saying, “I don’t even know if this is possible, but…” While not an IA himself, he has a deep appreciation for talented IAs as without them, his projects would fail. Stephen generally works for large corporate clients and has a plethora of interesting side projects ranging from “fantasy fantasy football” (sic) to an anonymous authorship attribution system to an application for preventing human trafficking. Stephen is currently a Principal Software Engineer at The Nerdery in Minnesota where he resides with his collie, Abby.

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