Wendy Stengel

“Constructing Meaning Is Bloody Work: Make Everyone a Winner in the Taxonomy Wars”

Session Summary

Are you faced with bringing scads of sites with scores of content owners and nearly as many tagging schemes into one unified content ecosystem? In this session, you’ll learn how to embrace the chaos, balance the needs for freedom and control, and build better content experiences for your users by creating and caring for a folksonomy-guided taxonomy.

Wendy Stengel – @wendywoowho

Wendy Stengel is a seasoned content professional, with a background in electronic and print publishing, and a hefty portfolio of information architecture and user experience projects. She is passionate about delivering the right content at the right time, whether the reader is on a big government health site or a local volunteer opportunity site. Wendy lives and works in Washington, DC, and teaches UX to grad students online.

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