Ren Pope

“Ontology Dojo: Learn How to Use Ontology to Define Your Information And Supercharge Your Deliverables”

Session Summary

The term ontology is used a lot in our profession but rarely do we define what ontology is or what it is supposed to accomplish. Ontology is actually a very effective method to describe things and their relationships. Come to the Ontology Dojo to:

No ontology skills are needed, but you will leave fully armed to take on any ontology problem!

Ren Pope – @Info_do

Ren Pope is the chief IA at Industrial Medium Software based out of Washington DC. He has over 20 years of leadership and vision in the information science field. Ren is a veteran of the US Air Force where he served in a wide variety of positions to include command, flight simulation, and speech writing. He was a key developer of one the first web-based knowledge management portals in the Air Force.

Ren transitioned into industry where he now focuses his passion for information sciences, and provides consulting for senior leaders of the US government and industry. Ren works to perfect modeling content and information so that people and organizations can better share information. He has studied and strives to perfect the use of taxonomies, ontologies, concept maps as well as overall information modeling. Ren enjoys writing and speaking about the theory and practice of the information sciences; and in his free time, he likes running around in the out outdoors, pushing buttons and turning knobs to make music, and throwing things into barrels to age them.

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