Julie Casanave

“Introducing The Lab Notebook: A Tool for Managing a LEAN UX Process”

Julie Casanave

What if your team approached product design like a scientific experiment? What if every initiative, regardless of scope, began with a hypothesis, a test strategy, and a measurement strategy? While Agile processes are great at getting software out the door quickly, we find that fast releases don’t always mean high-value releases. Furthermore, while LEAN methods have arisen to address that value gap, these methods can to be hard to make practical. This talk aims to mitigate these risks by introducing a Lab Notebook as a practical tool to manage a hypothesis-driven test & learn agenda for product teams of any size.

The benefits to using this approach are three-fold:

This talk is for anyone looking to shape the strategic direction of a project or product, including product owners, UX leads, research/analytics leads, and technology leads.


Julie Casanave

Julie is an 18-year veteran in the field of User Experience Design. In her current role as UX Director at Fidelity, she is leading the design of a multi-million dollar, multi-year program to improve online customer service. She introduced hypothesis-driven design and the Lab Notebook into the program, which has since been adopted as a best practice within the organization due to its success in delivering tangible outcomes. She has also worked at SolidWorks, Sapient Global Markets, Razorfish, and several start-ups.

She is a frequent speaker on the subject of the intersection of product design and product management. Her audiences include business executives, designers, engineers, clinicians, and scientists. She is a guest lecturer to graduate students in venture creation at MIT and Yale and has recently spoken at an invitation-only course for entrepreneurs sponsored by CIMIT, a consortium at Harvard Medical School.

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