Giles Colborne

“Information Architecture in the Age of Algorithms”

Session Summary

Are your skills about to become irrelevant in an age of artificial intelligence? Or can you reinvent yourself in time?

This talk looks at what algorithms are good for, and where they fall down.

It discusses the fallacy that underlies much of our thinking about context and how changing the way we think about context helps us understand the role we can play in designing the future.

It’ll help you identify where your core skills can help create the products and services of the future – and the challenges you’ll face in adapting.

It will explain how you can influence the work of the people writing the algorithms and sifting the data.

And it will share some of the tools, methods and documents that people have been working on to help you communicate your knowledge and ideas to the people writing the algorithms.

Session Takeaways
  • What designing for Internet of Things is like
  • How algorithms work and how they power the Internet of Things
  • The limits of algorithms and where we can make a difference
  • The deliverables we’ll be producing and design practices we’ll be engaging in over the next few years

Giles Colborne

Giles Colborne co-founded cxpartners in 2004. Since then, it has grown to one of the world’s leading independent UX consultancies which works with global companies to create web and mobile user experiences that make a measurable difference to their bottom line and their customers’ lives. His book, Simple and Usable, is a bestseller in the US, UK and China.

Giles is actively involved in the community: he mentors startups and individuals, is a former President of the UK Usability Professionals’ Association, is former co-chair of IA Summit, and UX Awards judge. Additionally, he has worked with the British Standards Institute in developing guidance on web accessibility.

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