Michael Hardy

“#nobodyubersinthehood: Architecting for Inclusion in the Digital Service Economy”

Session Summary

Technology is a statement of our shared values. The services economy—led by brands such as Uber, Airbnb, and Alfred—sells not the interface itself, but the experience away from the interface. As contributors to these experiences, we must monitor the meaning embedded in our work. In 2040, people of color will collectively become the majority population in the United States: a group of people that is more likely to be poor, live in urban areas, and be underserved by many digital conveniences. If we prepare, our digital products and services can welcome people of all kinds, not just those who have traditionally been heard. To succeed, the way we design must change. In this talk, we will explore the services economy through the lens of inclusion and through a reframing of the digital divide. We will look at what current events mean, offer practical ways to revise your processes, and reimagine popular services. After attending this presentation you’ll be prepared to architect for inclusion in all your work.

Michael Hardy – @mrhrdy

Michael Hardy, a former Supply Chain and Logistics professional and now Lead Experience Designer at Tradesy, specializes in Service Design and Innovation and believes that good experiences occur where lifestyle meets logistics.

Michael has worked with public and private organizations to develop their own service offerings, once leading research effort sponsored by the American Bar Association and FEMA in developing a micro-volunteering experience connecting disaster survivors with pro-bono legal representation.

He is deeply invested in issues of diversity and inclusion in the design community serving Diversity Award Fellow for the School of informatics and Computing at Indiana University and speaking on related topics in the Boston area. Michael also teaches customer experience and service design workshops for General Assembly nationwide.

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