Dan Ramsden

“What is IA?”

Dan Klyn

“Closing Plenary”

Amber Case & Lori Baker

“Impromptu Panel on Voice Interfaces”

Carol Smith

“AI for IA’s: Machine Learning Demystified”

Lyle Kantrovich

“The State of UX: Industry Trends & Survey Results”

Dorian Taylor

“Intentionally Intensional Information Architecture”

Tim Caynes

“Intelligent Guides: Architecting Systems for Context-driven Interactions”

Brooke Hawkins

“The Future of Voice Design: How You Can Get Started”

FJ van Wingerde

“Designing for the 100%”

Michael McLeod

“Teachers vs Robots: Information Architecture and Assistive Artificial Intelligence”

Clarisa Diaz

“Scales and Practices of Usability Testing in the Newsroom”

Andy Fitzgerald

“Language Arts for the Lizard Brain: Vocabulary Design for the Predictably Irrational”

Sheba Najmi

“Make UX for Public Good: Designing for Citizens”

Jaime Woo

“How We Built a Bot to Answer All My Stupid Questions”

Lutz Schmitt

“Privacy by Default: A Concept for Privacy in a World With The Internet of Things”

Karen VanHouten

“Taming the Enterprise: Redesigning the Culture of Enterprise Software”

Kelly Davenport & Jackie Wolf

“How Do You Make the Good Great? A Case Study on Redesigning the University of Michigan Medical School Website”

Adam Ungstad

“How the World Health Organization Transformed a 20,000 Term Folksonomy into a Tightly Controlled Vocabulary”

Kaleem Khan

“The Futures We Want: Architecting Reality”

Amy Silvers

“The Embedded Researcher: Integrating Research into the Design Process”

Vivian Bliss, Joseph Busch, & Susan Golden

“Designing for Values-based Information Seeking”

Thomas Wendt

“Decentering Design”

Whitney Quesenbery

“Getting From Barrier-free to Delightful”

Jenny Benevento, Giovanni Fernandez-Kincade, & Jill Fruchter

“A Taxonomist, a Software Engineer, and a UX Researcher Walk Into a Bar: Bridging AI and User Experience Methods at Etsy”

Muhammad Abdul-Mageed

“ASIS&T Presents… Can We Create ‘Social’ Machines?”

Amy Chenault, Astrid Chow, Carol Smith, & Joel Wu

“Ethics & AI: Designing for Health”

Jacques Bouchard

“Structured Data For The Digital Community”

Emileigh Barnes

“How to Design a Government Website for Kids”

Olga Elizarova

“Project Do Good: co-designing with community to improve health”

Alissa Cherry, Sarah Dupont, & Gerry Lawson

“ASIS&T Presents… Indigitization: Supporting the Digitization, Preservation, and Management of Indigenous Community Knowledge”

Jared M. Spool

“Unintuitive and Insecure: Fixing the Failures of Authentication UX”

Bob Kasenchak

“Taxonomic Irony or: What I Think about When I Think about Taxonomies (Including a Meta-Taxonomy)”

Noreen Whysel

“Diversity & Inclusion in Information: A Working Wikipedia Session”

Michael Antonio Hardy, Marla Hunter, Adrienne Lai, & Elena Yugai

“Designing for Diversity Panel”

Marsha Haverty

“Acting Naturally with Information”

Ramya Mahalingam

“How Cultural Relativism Influences Design Decisions”

Jon Kolko

“Creative Clarity: Finding Focus in the Midst of Ambiguity”

Zachary Frazier

“Presence for Information Architects”

Bram Wessel

““Was Nate Silver wrong? Click here for why!” The Crisis of Modeling in an Era of Clickbait, Truthiness, and Fake Content”

James Christie

“Sustainable UX”

Andrew Hinton

“Architecture for Aliens: Using IA for Smarter Things”

Johanna Kollmann

“Facilitating holistic product decisions with information architecture”

Dan Willis

“Troubleshooting Your Busted Design Process”

Elissa Frankle

“All Roads Lead to the Bathroom: Why Thinking of Visitors as People Makes Museums (and everywhere else) Better”

Cristóbal Almanza

“Culture as Context: Why and How to Design for Multilingual Users”

Melissa Martin

“Final Destination: Creating a Better Afterlife for Our Digital Treasures”

Erin Chan & Nidhi Jalwal

“Designing for Little Humans: Combining Play, Nature and Technology”

Deb Seys

“Auto-Suggest: It’s Not Just for Search Engines Anymore. Creating a Knowledge Workflow for Query Writers at eBay”

Sarah Auvil

“Anticipating User Needs: Software for Humans”

Jayneil Dalal

“How Might We Design Human Centered Chatbots?”

Kyle Soucy

“I’m Sorry. I Can’t. Don’t Hate Me: The Post-It Breakup”