Brooke Hawkins

The Future of Voice Design: How You Can Get Started

Friday, March 24 11:15 am – 12:00 pm

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Session Summary

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Voice User Interfaces are on the rise. Consumer products like Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa are proof that voice is a medium that will be important in our future. Knowing how to design well for this growing medium will be an integral part of the growth of products and applications that will shape the ways we communicate with our devices.

Many of you are already Content Strategists, User Experience Designers/Researchers, and Information Architects – your core design skills are incredibly important to the Voice User Interface design process, and in fact, make you well poised to enter this field as it grows. I’ll cover how designing for voice pulls on the same core skills as other types of UX and Interaction design, as well as key differences to consider and build skills in. After this talk, you can expect to leave with an understanding of what VUI design is, how your skills translate to it, how the VUI design process works, and what you can learn more about to enter the field and design VUIs yourself.

About the Speaker

Brooke Hawkins is a Voice User Interface Designer at Emmi, a healthcare technology company based in Chicago. Her work includes designing automated outbound systems to make it easier for patients to take action in their healthcare, like scheduling appointments, learning about their health conditions, and getting important information to their providers. She’s also a member of the SpeechTEK community, a conference that occurs annually bringing together developers, researchers, and designers of voice interfaces. When she’s not thinking about voice interfaces, she’s taking pictures or practicing her skills on the drums.