Lutz Schmitt

Privacy by Default: A Concept for Privacy in a World With The Internet of Things

Friday, March 24 2:15 pm – 3:00 pm

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Session Summary

The upcoming world with the internet of things holds a lot of promises and hopes. But we all know, that the internet is broken, already. And it won’t get better, when it will be pervasive, omnipresent and truly always on in a myriad of devices.
This talk will show the main challenges, that we need to solve, if we don’t want a dystopian future, but one of technological wonders.
The talk will end with the introduction to my concept for privacy in the internet of things, in which I offer a new way of how to interact with computers and other humans. This concept is also a counter-proposal to the usual information privacy or post-privacy debates.

About the Speaker

I’m a studied Designer and a self-proclaimed professional dilletante. Let’s talk about IA, IoT, invisible design, responsibility, joy, privacy, community, love and changing the world. Of course, we could talk about politics, Europe, Germany and Nazis, but then you pay for the drinks.