Adam Ungstad

How the World Health Organization Transformed a 20,000 Term Folksonomy into a Tightly Controlled Vocabulary

Friday, March 24 3:30 pm – 4:15 pm

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Session Summary

A giant folksonomy of 27 000 “keywords” had quietly amassed in the CMS used by the World Health Organization over the course of 15 years. With an imminent migration, it was time to transform this list into something useful, and to take control of how content was being published on the web.

How do you build the business case to tackle such a large list of terms? How do you actually whittle a list that size into something useful? And what insights into taxonomy development were learned on the way?

Learn how the team at WHO transformed a jungle of terms to a small collection of controlled lists, brought in governance, and transformed the way they manage content on the web in the process.