Amy Chenault, Astrid Chow, Carol Smith, & Joel Wu

Ethics & AI: Designing for Health

Saturday, March 25 11:15 am – 12:00 pm

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Session Summary

What do we, as designers, strategists, thinkers, think of putting vulnerable moments of human experience – going to the hospital, getting an X-Ray – in the hands of a computer? In a world of increasingly more powerful technology, designers need to think of not just how technology can help, but how it might harm, and how to prevent that. With great cognitive computing, comes great responsibility. In this roundtable experience, we (and that means you, too) will discuss: Opening a dialogue of how bioethical principles might be applied to everyday design practice within healthcare Reviewing examples of: * Psychotherapy & AI * The complications of using common interaction patterns in healthcare * Clinical decision making & AI * Adapting existing design tools to hopefully, prevent long term unintended ethical consequences Please join and lend your voice to this discussion of Ethics+Design+Health+AI. Be a fully participating member using ( / #2375) and of course, your lovely voice (not everything should be done by a machine).

About the Speakers

Carol Smith is a business-minded designer who challenges teams to make informed decisions. In her 16-year user experience design career she has successfully led projects for large corporations, government agencies and non-profits.

Carol earned her M.S. in Human-Computer Interaction from DePaul University. She is Senior Design Manager for IBM where she manages a team of designers creating and improving Watson products including Watson Discovery services and Watson Knowledge Studio.

Carol is an active UX community organizer and enjoys mentoring those new to the field. She has presented over 70 talks and workshops around the world and has collaborated with UX luminaries on a variety of topics. Carol lives in Pittsburgh, PA and enjoys outdoor activities with her family, running and participating in IBM’s soccer and rowing teams.