Jayneil Dalal

How Might We Design Human Centered Chatbots?

Sunday, March 26 2:15 pm – 3:00 pm

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Session Summary

With more than 30,000 chatbots built on the Facebook Messenger platform alone, industry experts are claiming bots as the next big frontier in tech. Most of these chatbots have not been built with Human Centered Design in mind. Human Centered Design starts with the needs of the user and ends with empowering the life of that user.

Each user has a unique personality, with rich emotions and context. Designers can apply Human Centered Design to take bots beyond the transactional realm to forming a deeper connection with each user. In this hands-on talk, Jayneil will showcase the power of using the ‘How Might We’ method for framing a design challenge to build a chatbot. Attendees will then learn to apply Human Centered Design principles for designing chatbots with the help of live demos and examples.

About the Speaker

Jayneil Dalal is an Arsenal fan and strikes random conversations with random people at random times. He is a chatbot designer and works at AT&T in Dallas. In his past life he was an electrical engineer and worked on the Internet of Things at Intel and Texas Instruments. Outside of work, Jayneil is really passionate about financial freedom, fitness and cooking.