Sarah Auvil

Anticipating User Needs: Software for Humans

Sunday, March 26 2:15 pm – 3:00 pm

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Session Summary

What if we could improve the way humans use technology to accommodate and prevent more errors before they even happen? It’s entirely possible by combining our skills as human designers with a machine’s strengths in analyzing cues and adapting. First, we’ll look at how humans communicate vs. how machines actually work. Rather than projecting a set of tasks and inputs, anticipatory design meets the user where they are. We’ll learn ways designers and engineers can anticipate usability problems rather than react. Finally, we’ll discuss emerging technologies that will make digital experiences smarter and improve accessibility.

About the Speaker

Hi! I’m coming to Vancouver from North Carolina, in addition to UX I love to talk about cultural anthropology, Asian culture, languages and design thinking. I’m currently pursuing my master’s at Kent State University in Ohio via online learning while working full time as a user experience consultant.