Kelly Davenport & Jackie Wolf

How Do You Make the Good Great? A Case Study on Redesigning the University of Michigan Medical School Website

Friday, March 24 2:15 pm – 3:00 pm

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Session Summary

After a major overhaul three years ago, the University of Michigan Medical School’s flagship website for prospective students was getting glowing feedback. Great news, right? But … now what? What comes after “good”?

This talk presents a case study of how we dug in to a new round of user research to deepen our understanding of the application journey of prospective medical students and present the next iteration of an already successful site.

With the journalist’s question of “what did you know, when?” we mapped the information-seeking behavior of prospective students, and learned how the lens of time could give us new insights into how to organize and present information to users.

This session will cover: how we developed user research questions to align with business goals; how we translated research findings into wireframes; and how we ultimately re-imagined the way information is structured on the site, emphasizing modularity and flexibility.

About the Speakers

I like to make things with words. I’ve been a print journalist, an information literacy librarian, and a college writing teacher. These days, I architect websites for the University of Michigan by putting users and content first, and by practicing deep listening to clients’ needs. I’m a serial tidy-er, a champion co-worker, and a daily meditator.

Jackie Wolf’s interest in User Experience in international settings has led her to work for social enterprises in both Paraguay and India, where she has worked with organizations to develop innovative solutions to poverty and unemployment, as well as maternal child care in rural settings.

She currently works as a Web Project Manager for Michigan MultiMedia at the University of Michigan and moonlights as an entrepreneur and CEO for SWIC Tech, the makers of The Broke App.

Jackie Wolf has a Master of Science in Information, specializing in human computer interaction from the University of Michigan School of Information.