Andrew Hinton

Architecture for Aliens: Using IA for Smarter Things

Sunday, March 26 11:10 am – 11:30 am

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Session Summary

We’re getting better and better at designing for humans. But what about the millions of artificial “smart things” we’ve released into the wild, that sense and act upon our human world? How do they perceive and understand our needs? And how can information architecture help it all work better?

This short talk will cover:

About the Speaker

Andrew Hinton is the author of “Understanding Context: Environment, Language, and Information Architecture.” In his day job he works as Senior Digital Experience Architect at State Farm’s UX Center of Excellence in Atlanta, and previously served as a senior consultant at The Understanding Group. Andrew is a co-founding member of the Information Architecture Institute, and has worked for twenty-odd-years helping organizations using information to make better places for humans. You can find links to Andrew-related things at, including his tweet-self, @inkblurt.