Cristóbal Almanza

Culture as Context: Why and How to Design for Multilingual Users

Sunday, March 26 11:40 am – 12:00 pm

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Session Summary

One out of every 5 Americans speaks a language other than English at home (and online). Information architects ignore this fact at their—and their users’—peril.

This session will explore the impact that diverse, multilingual users should have on our designs. No, you don’t have to add “become an expert in every culture” to your To-Do List, but you should seek out quality research and smart partnerships to create the most effective interactive experiences.

In this lively, optimistic, and example-filled session, you’ll learn about organizations who have successfully tackled this unique challenge—and how you can apply their success to your next project.

About the Speaker

Cris has been involved in user experience design and information architecture since 2009 and freelance designer since 2006. His original training came in print design, but he quickly expanded into the digital space. At TradeMark, Cris is involved in the discovery process, the development of website architecture, visual design, and helping craft the overall user experience. One of his biggest interests is how the intersection of culture and language affects the way we experience the internet and the world.

Cris is a proud native Texan. He moved to Austin in 2009 from Denver and has felt at home ever since. Outside of work, Cris spends his time creating art, going all around town enjoying the culture and music, and spending time with friends and family.

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