The Blueprint Office Christmas Party

The Blueprint Office Christmas Party

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We are finally back from the Holidays and getting back into the swing of things here in the office. As much fun as our Christmas dinner at The Melting Pot and our office decorating party were, our annual Christmas white elephant gift exchange was just as fun! It started out as if it were any other day in the office…the phones ringing and everyone busy working.

A Game of Charades

Right before lunch, after everyone had arrived, we started the Christmas office party by playing Christmas themed charades. Once your team guessed your charade, you were able to draw a prize. There were some really, cool prizes from Starbucks and iTunes gift cards, Chick-fil-a calendars, to shell gas cards. Everyone got a prize by the end of the game.

The White Elephant Gift Exchange

After the game of charades, we drew from the charades and went in alphabetical order to decide the order for the white elephant gift exchange. Everyone was creative with picking the gifts. It seemed everyone opened something fitting. Nathan went first and opened this set of tea. Next, Naima opened a package of miniature walkie-talkies. I went after that and opened Avengers headphones. Brent opened Starbucks coffee and a coffee mug. Macrae opened a Godiva chocolate and coffee gift set. Mihai opened an Olay Luscious Embrace gift set. Erik stole Brent’s coffee and mug. Brent opened a duck sippy straw, and a duck pen that quacks and lights up. Michelle opened Ellen’s Holy Cow Ball Launcher (as seen on the Ellen show) with milk changing flavor straws, skinny cow chocolate, and milk duds. Sarah opened a stuffed animal shark from the Georgia Aquarium. Nathan stole the duck straws from Brent and Brent ended up with the tea set. The leftover present was for Lina to open when she returned and it was another gift set.

Office Games

After we opened gifts and spend a few minutes playing with the new toys, the pizza delivery showed up exactly in time. Then, we played a bunch of different card games and had a lot of fun. The gift exchange went well and I use my gift every day at Blueprint!

By: Kara

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