When small businesses throughout Atlanta launch new professional websites, it’s imperative to consider how design, development, and SEO can complement each other in ways that help maximize results. In today’s digital landscape where consumers are interested in partnering with businesses who provide relevant content, clear navigation, and attractive design; it takes strategic planning to provide […]

Whether your business is a solo enterprise or a multi-department operation, it goes without saying that having an engaging web presence is absolutely essential. But it’s not enough to simply stake out a piece of digital real estate and hang a virtual shingle. If your target audience can’t find your site easily or navigate it […]

Your website is usually the first interaction potential customers have with your business. Therefore, it has to look great and be easy to use on both mobile phones and desktop computers. If it doesn’t, visitors will leave your website before they ever become leads. Whether you have an existing business and need a refreshed website […]

In today’s society, it seems more and more individuals are taking on the task of doing it themselves.  Whether it’s changing their own oil, growing their own food, or even building their own website, people are taking it upon themselves to get things done. However, what happens when certain functions of the website breakdown or […]

  Basics of Digital Production and Web Development Tolu, Blueprint’s Director of Client Services, lists some of the many facets of Digital Production, from video to website design and development. He also explains how web development impacts businesses as professional, optimized websites are key to online users engaging with your brand. Find out more in […]