Merging Design and Development to Create an Attractive, Functional Website

Merging Design and Development to Create an Attractive, Functional Website

When small businesses throughout Atlanta launch new professional websites, it’s imperative to consider how design, development, and SEO can complement each other in ways that help maximize results.
In today’s digital landscape where consumers are interested in partnering with businesses who provide relevant content, clear navigation, and attractive design; it takes strategic planning to provide visitors with immediate gratification.

Merging Design, Development, and SEO

Although many business owners understand how they want their online presence to look and feel for visitors; knowing how to provide an attractive, transparent environment that’s also indexable within Google takes experience.

Important Factors for Creating an Attractive, Functional Website

If you are interested in launching a new professional website or redesigning an existing one and want to maximize monthly traffic, consider the following elements that help you capture visitors’ attention, as well as rank well within organic listings. For those who are looking to learn more about this endeavor or want to partner with an experienced Atlanta web design company, contact the professionals at Blueprint today!

Providing Attractive Images That Are Optimized for Development

Positioning relevant images on each landing page is important for providing value to online consumers, as well as for adding organic authority to your professional website. However, the key to image optimization is to ensure that your images are attractive and do not negatively impact your website’s load speed. It’s also important that your site’s images are built in such a way that search crawlers can understand what each image portrays, as well as how they connect to the rest of your business.
To provide images that boost your online authority, complement your site’s design, and don’t affect your development efforts, it’s important to:
-Provide image alt. tags for each image
-Ensure that each image’s file size is not excessive (ideal image size is 300×300)
-Provide unique images that are clear, attractive, and relate to the theme of each landing page/article

Address Content Blocks

To maximize the value of a professional website, it’s important to avoid systems and code that act as barriers to SEO and indexation. Creating sections of content that are only accessible to those with login permissions and providing forms that can only be used after downloading them diminishes the size and authority of a website.

Keep Mobile Consumers in Mind

With more consumers relying on their smartphones to search online, it’s important to make sure that any new or existing professional website is built with mobile in mind. To ensure that a website is mobile-friendly, the following features must be implemented:
-Responsive design
-Content is created with voice recognition in mind (FAQ sections easily address this)
-Simple navigation menu that does not contain more than 350 links

Speed Is Important for Results

Even the most aesthetically pleasing, functional websites won’t be able to convert new customers if they aren’t built without speed in mind. Not only does Google penalize websites that are slow to load, but the average online consumer will bounce from their experience if the desired landing page takes more than 2 seconds to load.
To address site speed, make sure that you refrain from:
-Using excessive JavaScript
-Downloading too many plugins
-Creating CSS scripts that are difficult for search engines to crawl
-Relying on PDFs

When You’re Ready to Bring Your Small Business Website to The Next Level – Call Blueprint

Creating a small business website that can successfully attract new online customers, provide a rewarding experience, and keeps them returning is only possible when merging design, development, and SEO together.
If you are ready to learn more about how the professionals at Blueprint can accomplish this, contact us today!

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