Keyword optimization is the most fundamental component of any successful search engine optimization (SEO) campaign. Creating a well-crafted keyword strategy that is implemented throughout your Atlanta small business’s website and content allows you to attract and convert more online consumers into recurring customers. However, understanding how to determine the most appropriate keywords to develop your […]

Todays #MorningMarketingMinute, Paid Search Architect Jeff Cline gave us a review of the many changes to the PPC landscape that occurred in 2015. Small business owners are often deeply involved in the day to day of their own businesses, and while companies on a budget may run their own marketing, one of the advantages of […]

In Today’s #MorningMarketingMinute Paid Search Architect, Jeff Cline and Organic Search Architect Samantha Torres team up to discuss the importance of custom landing pages for PPC campaigns. Together the team discusses  three key reasons for developing self standing additional landing pages for paid campaigns; User experience, Conversion tracking & coding and driving to conversions with […]

I’m a sucker for most sports. From the prestige of a game-winning shot, all the way to the agony of a last-second defeat, it’s in the emotional wins and losses that pee-wees and pros alike realize one of the oldest adages–winning and losing is done as a team. In my first career as a high […]

Previously I talked about the differences between the 2 top players when it comes to hosting video; YouTube and Facebook. Now we’re going to talk about 2 smaller players; Vimeo and Wistia. Their smaller size doesn’t mean they should be overlooked though, because they each have unique features the others don’t that can be very […]