Weekly PPC Update: The Importance of PPC Landing Pages

Weekly PPC Update: The Importance of PPC Landing Pages

In Today’s #MorningMarketingMinute Paid Search Architect, Jeff Cline and Organic Search Architect Samantha Torres team up to discuss the importance of custom landing pages for PPC campaigns.

Together the team discusses  three key reasons for developing self standing additional landing pages for paid campaigns; User experience, Conversion tracking & coding and driving to conversions with a strong call to action.

Unlike an organic page offering a unique, specific and highly relevant landing page for your paid campaign can make a huge difference in conversion outcomes. Minimizing attention ratio in the design, and driving to conversion goals should be primary considerations in your paid landing page. Reducing user distractions and exit points can help maximize return on investment and overall conversions.

As Sam & Jeff point out, make sure to take caution when developing additional paid landing pages to ensure they aren’t being indexed and penalizing your organic ranking.


By: Blueprint