3 Biggest Myths in Website Development

3 Biggest Myths in Website Development

Website Development Agency in Atlanta In today’s society, it seems more and more individuals are taking on the task of doing it themselves.  Whether it’s
changing their own oil, growing their own food, or even building their own website, people are taking it upon themselves to get things done.

However, what happens when certain functions of the website breakdown or leads aren’t being generated for your business?  Who do you turn to?  This is where an effective and well-established website development agency in Atlanta comes into play.

Here are three big myths about website development for your business.

Myth #1: Just Having a Website is Good Enough

Time and time again consumers come across websites that either look like they were built in the mid-90s or slapped together after 10 minutes of “brainstorming.”  Having a website for your business is a fantastic way to get in front of customers, but if it’s not built in the manner specific to your industry, business model, or target audience then the phone will most likely stay quiet.  Using an agency that thrives on creativity, expertise, and vision is the best way to optimize not only your website, but your entire business.

Myth #2: Developing a Website is Easy; Developing a Great Website Isn’t

It’s safe to say that most of us have heard of DIY website builders or have seen or heard the commercials claiming how easy it is to build a website.  Although it’s true that using these services to build a website is easy, it’s not true that the site will be great.  Developing a website encompasses more than simply dragging and dropping pictures, filling in some content, and incorporating trendy color schemes.  It involves telling the story of your company and what it has to offer consumers in a way that is user friendly, visually appealing, and technically sound.

Myth #3: “I Can Get the Kid Down the Street to Build My Website”

This myth fits in with #2 because most individuals consider building a website to be relatively simple.  So when a business owner (we’ll call him John Smith) reaches the stage when he needs a website and he knows that his friend Jimmy’s son dabbles in the online world, he figures Jimmy’s son can quickly build him an effective website.  The issue here is that while Jimmy’s son may have experience in building one type of website for one type of business, the website he builds may not even be remotely close to what John Smith needs to attract and engage potential new customers to his business.

These myths prove time and time again why trusting a professional to develop your website is the best course of action for your business. The reality behind these myths is that successful website development involves multiple facets and specialized expertise and experience. Business owners can save a lot of time, money, and energy by collaborating with a website development agency.

Blueprint specializes in developing websites for businesses that are technically sound, well designed, and mobile friendly. Contact us today to find out how we can create or update your website so it appeals to your current and potential customers.

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