3 Signs You Need a New Website for Your Business

3 Signs You Need a New Website for Your Business

signsnewwebsite Whether your business is a solo enterprise or a multi-department operation, it goes without saying that having an engaging web presence is absolutely essential. But it’s not enough to simply stake out a piece of digital real estate and hang a virtual shingle. If your target audience can’t find your site easily or navigate it effectively, potential customers could be slipping through your fingers.

While good website design is crucial, it’s only one part of developing a dynamic web presence. A results-driven Atlanta web development company can give your business a competitive advantage through reputable search engine optimization (SEO), mobile device compatibility, and improved user experience. If your website isn’t regularly capturing new eyes and consistently growing your customer base, here are three factors that may be to blame.

Your Website is Not Mobile Friendly

A responsive website is one that has been formatted for viewing and use across all types of digital devices. When your website has been designed to be responsive, it will intuitively showcase your brand in the best possible light, ensuring that your customers can quickly and easily access the information on your website no matter where they are.

Since 2014, more than half of all Google search queries have been submitted on smart phones and tablets. This means that if your website is not responsive, there’s a very good chance that customers who visit your website on a mobile device will have to wade through jumbled, disorganized, or hard-to-read copy while hunting for the information they need. And in most cases, they’ll simply click away before taking action.

Your Website Has Low Conversion Rates Despite High Traffic

Although it’s easy to get excited when you see your website receiving a lot of online traffic, what’s more important is how long your visitors interact with your site and whether or not they take action while they’re there. If all those hits aren’t resulting in new customers, then it’s time to rethink the online experience you’re offering your audience.

A high bounce rate (brief website visits by customers who fail to take action) can indicate that you’re connecting with the wrong audience, offering unclear or less-than-compelling calls to action, or simply not providing the information that users are searching for. A well-developed website, however, will target the right audience and engage visitors right from the start.

Your Website Isn’t Designed for User Experience

Fundamental to good website development is designing with user experience in mind. Once your customer is on your site, you have a very short window of opportunity in which to gain their trust, help them find what they need, and invite them to engage. The more obstacles that exist between your customer and the solutions you offer on your site, the less likely they will be to convert. Your website should be simple to navigate, present clear information, and make it easy for visitors to call you or complete a contact form.

An updated website with streamlined, fast-loading pages that present concise, essential information on any device will give your customers an enjoyable experience that will not only encourage them to engage on their first visit but keep them coming back. To learn how Blueprint can develop a powerful web presence for your business as part of your digital marketing efforts, contact us today.

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