Holidays at Blueprint

Holidays at Blueprint

The day before Thanksgiving, Blueprint held an office decorating party. We started by putting up a tree limb by limb. Picking out a good spot for the tree was easy, because we wanted it to show through our office door. After it was together, we fluffed the branches, draped on some lights and bead strands, put a big bow on top, and added all the ornaments we could find. This made the perfect tree for our office.

Our decorated tree

Everyone helped put strands of lights together so they go all the way around the office! The lights go around the ceiling of the main room and the SEO/intern cave. Then the guys hung all the lights from the ceiling with clips. One of the final touches was the strand of lights around the column by the window.

The Main Office Room


The SEO / intern cave

We put up a few window decorations. There are a couple of Santa’s around the office as well. These include Snoring Santa and Soaking Feet Santa that activate by sound. Lastly, there is a light up Coca-Cola Tick Tock Diner covered in winter decorations and snow on the bookcase by our break room.

In the break room, we had some muffins and pumpkin cake roll to eat. It was all delicious!

Delicious Pumpkin Cake Roll

BUT we could not finish without a little helper. Our little helper did some decorating and added some ornaments to some of the office plants. However, he mostly enjoyed talking on the office phones and playing with a toy car.

The whole time we had the Christmas Pandora Radio going.

Christmas Radio Pandora Station

Decorating the office made it feel like it is finally time for the holidays. It made the atmosphere here feel very warm and cozy. Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from Blueprint!

By: Kara

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