A Blueprint Christmas

A Blueprint Christmas

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is coming up fast! It is now less than a week away. At Blueprint, we have already been celebrating. We had our festive and fun office decorating party back in November. Our company Christmas party took place last Tuesday night at The Melting Pot here in Duluth. I only wish that everyone could have made it. Thankfully, almost everyone was able to come to the party and I am sure everyone had a wonderful time. I must say that the food was outstanding. I have never been to a restaurant quite like this one before.

On The Menu

*Warning: You may get hungry! Reading on an empty stomach is not advised.

To start off, we had a spread of crisp green apple bites, crispy chips, and bread bites. In the pot, there was a little base of white wine. Our waiter came by, and poured in fresh garlic and shredded cheese. This made a melted cheese dipping appetizer. The second appetizer was our favorite. It was the scrumptious spinach and artichoke dip! Not long after the waiter finished making it, we emptied the pot. You got a choice of salad, pepper jack ranch or sweet and tangy honey mustard. I got the second and it was good. The main course consisted of different meats: salmon, shrimp, chicken, and sirloin that we cooked in the pot of vegetable broth. Also, we had vegetables…red potatoes, broccoli, and mushrooms. The best was hands down the sirloin. There were a variety of dipping sauces for the meats from sweet and sour, teriyaki, curry, and more. For the grand finale, they brought melted chocolate with marshmallow on top, caught it on fire, and brought out the desserts. For dessert, they had strawberries, bananas, marshmallows, chocolate marshmallows, bites of brownie, red velvet cake, rice crispy treats, and cheesecake! It was all very delicious!

More exciting days to come…

I would also like to mention that I am very excited for tomorrow. Tomorrow is our annual Christmas white elephant gift exchange. Last year’s gift exchange was great, but I think this year’s gift exchange could easily top last years. We have grown so much in just a year. It is very exciting to be working with so many people who are so great!

By: Kara

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