I’ve heard that cheese is a type of mold. If only the subject of my most recent video shoot had been that type of mold…

Not that I’m complaining. As a matter of fact, this latest shoot was probably one of the most interesting I’ve ever been apart of. One of our clients, Serve Hero, lists a process called mold remediation as one of their services, and yesterday we got to experience that process first hand. They had gotten a call from a homeowner asking them to come out and examine their basement for a major mold issue, which they had and immediately determined that there was a serious case of mold growth at hand (something they call Condition 2), and that professional mold remediation was needed to take care of the problem.

We went down with our video equipment on the day they had arranged to do the job and got to work filming them prepping the basement for it. The process is, not surprisingly, pretty involved. It included transforming the basement into a negative air vacuum, zipping up into hazmat style Tyvek suits (us video guys included) with full-face gas masks, hack-saws, hammers, organic chemicals, and a lot of preparation and caution.

All in all, it was an eye opening experience into the world of mold, and mold remediation. And for sure, I’ve got no regrets…

I’m just saying, cheese on the walls would have been… awesome.

By: John

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