The 2013 Holiday Season

The 2013 Holiday Season

Blueprint is a company that takes care of it’s employees. At Blueprint, we always try to celebrate special occasions and holidays. One of my favorite times working here is the holiday season. Every year, at Blueprint, we dedicate a day to decorate the office for Christmas. This is a fun process. Together as an office, we put up lights, a tree, and other decorations throughout the office. This year was no different. Just like last year, we decorated the day before Thanksgiving. This year, the majority of our employees were already off to a head start spending Thanksgiving with their families, instead of sticking around to decorate.

Our Christmas Decorating Party

Those who choose to help make the office more festive did a great job! We successfully worked as a team to get the office to capture the holiday spirit. I especially like how our decorations turned out this year. Everyone had great ideas on how to pull things together.

THE finished product.



Before we decorated, we had a feast! Here are some of the food items from our Thanksgiving themed Potluck and yes, that was a delicious honey baked ham!

The girls take care of the tree.


Almost there!

The guys handle the lights.

Usually just how it is every year.

We also like to get creative! The front desk turned out like this.

The lights around the office.


Gwinnett Commerce Center Holiday Party

Also, at this time of year our property management company usually holds a special chocolate inspired event. Luckily, even with the new change in management, we still had a chocolate party sponsored by The Wow! Factor of Atlanta at The Gwinnett Commerce Center. Several desserts, including a chocolate fountain, were catered. This year we even had a live band play music for entertainment.

By: Kara

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