Turn Your Business’ Facebook Followers into Paying Customers

Turn Your Business’ Facebook Followers into Paying Customers

With so many local consumers on Facebook, it’s the perfect environment to launch a paid social media advertising campaign that drives people to your business. If you are used to investing in television or other offline marketing channels, Facebook is changing the advertising game. Its extensive targeting capabilities will enhance the way you connect with potential customers throughout your community.

Whether you do it yourself or work with an Atlanta SEO company, here’s the secret to turning your followers into customers.

Facebook Paid Ad Campaigns

Turn Your Business’ Facebook Followers into Paying Customers | Blueprint Easy to create and launched in a matter of minutes, Facebook’s paid ad campaigns are one of the most practical sources of advertising for local businesses. Even better, you can target your ads to specific groups and communities based on age, gender, location, and personal interests.

Taking it a step further, consumers can be targeted based on their device and activities, such as buying a house or dining out. Ads can be hyper-targeted for those who reside within a few miles of your business or expanded so that they include the closest large city.

You can even create custom audiences based on your collection of emails and phone numbers associated with your clients or customers. If you only want your ads to appear before new potential customers, you can exclude established followers from your paid campaign.

Promoted Facebook Posts

If you want your paid ads to appear within Facebook’s organic feed, you can create “dark posts”. These appear to be organic content and are shared by other members who are connected to your target audience. This tactic can work well for announcing major events, like an open house, or when looking to drive sales around new services.

Paid Ads Maximize Results with Minimal Costs

As a small business on a budget, you’ll want to invest in marketing channels that provide high returns. Facebook paid ads are the answer. Most campaigns cost between 15 to 75 cents per click, allowing you to drive significant consumer engagement without spending a fortune.

Plus, Facebook lets you test multiple ads to see which will produce the most engagement and conversions. This feature optimizes your campaigns when you need to raise awareness for your business, services, or products.

Contact Blueprint for Help Setting Up a Facebook Paid Ad Campaign

If you’re interested in learning more about the capabilities and benefits of Facebook paid ad campaigns, contact Blueprint today to get stated. We have a track record of attractive, compelling ads that reach the most appropriate consumers at exactly the right time. We’ll work together to make sure that your ads are appearing during peak hours when your customers are most online.

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